Let parents book
with ease

Maximise revenue by allowing parents to book ad-hoc sessions, services or extra activities instantly through Pebble.

How we help your business

Times are changing. Parents expect more flexibility from their childcare. With Pebble, you can provide a convenient way for parents to access flexible childcare.


of parents surveyed would use Pebble to book regularly or occasionally to supplement other childcare used


expect to require less fixed childcare as a result of increased flexibility at work


in savings can be expected from matching staff levels fully to occupancy levels according to Ofsted.

Turn absences and extra capacity into revenue opportunities

View key metrics and manage slot availability in real-time

Our admin portal ensures that you are in control of what the parents see. Seamlessly update availability and keep track of staffing ratios and occupancy.

Use data to make your staff more efficient

Reduce the amount of time and number of employees working on administrative tasks, and dealing with cancellations and/or communications. Optimise staff ratios and rotas with our intuitive admin portal, complete with a dashboard to analyse data.

Communicate with parents

Send reminders to pick up children or reschedule a booking. Suggest another date and time for a booking that cannot be accommodated.

Turn ad-hoc bookings into fixed bookings by analysing patterns

By monitoring parent booking history we are able to suggest turning repeat bookings into fixed bookings through targeted messaging.

Some of our users

“I went from having to chase down a parent and manager to arrange an ad-hoc booking to looking at a notification on a screen and clicking a button, this really frees me up to focus on my primary work as a carer.”

– Center Director at Busy Bees Nursery, Leeds

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